What sets the Periwinkle Franchise apart?

Expertise in the children’s wear industry

In Periwinkle, we always aim to delight our customers, so we are dynamically in tune with current trends. We continue evolving, keeping abreast with the changing fashion of the world, but at the same time maintaining the classic touch in designs that we have always been known for. As a Periwinkle franchisee, you will benefit from the customer loyalty we have harnessed through our many years in the industry.

Extensive  collections and product lines

Periwinkle dresses your little boy and girl with a complete line of clothing styles and accessories. With blouses, shirts, pants, skirts, party dresses, bags, sandals, and other fashion items, your store will be the one-stop-shop choice of mothers who want to see their children at their finest.

Distinguished store design and layout

Our well-designed store interiors and layouts  succeed in creating a distinct cohesive look and a unique ambience where families will have an enjoyable shopping experience.

An operating system designed for effectiveness and efficiency

We pride ourselves in having an efficient operating system that runs like clockwork. Instructions and guidelines are written in a comprehensive operations manual that will steer you in the right direction in operating your retail franchise successfully. It is simple and easy to learn.

Unique advertising and marketing programs

Our creative, fresh and striking advertising campaigns and promotions will increase customer traffic to your stores.

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